Schedule | Junction 2016 Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season


The schedule may be subject to small changes. Participants will be notified if this happens.


Time Event Location
16:30 Doors open Wanha Satama
18:00 Opening ceremony Main Stage
18:20 Opening Keynote: Monty Widenius, Founder of MySQL, MariaDB Main Stage
18:45 Partner Challenge Pitching #1 Main Stage
18:45 Team building Track Rooms
18:45 Hackathon 101 for first timers Black Stage
20:00 Partner Challenge Pitching #2 Main Stage
22:30 Late Night Snack Food Area
24:00 ?Midnight Karaoke? Black Stage


Time Event Location
09:00 Breakfast Food Area
10:00 Yoga Session Black Stage
11:00 Azure Cloud Platform Demo Black Stage
11:09 Blackrock API Demo Black Stage
11:18 46 Elks API Demo Black Stage
11:27 Yepzon API Demo Black Stage
11:36 ESA Space API Workshop Black Stage
12:00 Lunch Food Area
13:45 Hacker workout by CuckooWorkout Black Stage
13:50 Unity Lightning Talk Black Stage
14:05 Papula Nevinpat IPR Lightning Talk Black Stage
14:15 Jelastic Cloud Platform demo by DataCenter Finland Black Stage
14:25 Yousician Demo Black Stage
14:45 Hackathon Organizer Meetup Black Stage
15:15 Fluido Cloud Meditation Black Stage
16:00 Junction Investor Launchpad (Register here) Black Stage
17:00 Dinner Food Area
18:30 Hack Talks Start Black Stage
18:30 HT: Abhimanyu Ghoshal (TNW) – Pitching to the media Black Stage
18:47 HT: Liisa-Maija Keinänen – Designing lovable & effortless services Black Stage
19:10 HT: HelsinkiJS – Boris Nechaev – Serverless Computing: Forget Servers, Focus on The Code Black Stage
19:30 HT: Jaakko Lehtinen – Machine Learning & Graphics Black Stage
19:56 HT: HelsinkiJS – Oleg Podsechin – Lessons Learned in Meetups Black Stage
20:18 HT: Janne Käki Black Stage
20:38 HT: Harri Holopainen – Smart Robotics Black Stage
22:00 !LIGHT by Bloomberg Black Stage


Time Event Location
9:00 Breakfast Food Area
10:00 Seating, Challenge & Track Deadline Track Rooms
12:00 Devpost Closes Track Rooms
12:30 Demo EXPO opens Track Rooms
14:30 Demo EXPO ends Track Rooms
15:00 Prize Ceremony starts Main Stage
16:00 Track Winner Demos Main Stage
17:30 Closing ceremony Main Stage
18:00 End + ??????? ???????