Meeting Area | Junction 2016 Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

Meeting Area

At the end of November in Helsinki Junction will become a tech hotspot unlike anything ever seen before. The Junction experience would not have been possible without thousands of hours of work and many sleepless nights. People have asked why we’re doing this. Well, simply put, we Finns love tech. In a country as small as Finland, the tech success stories such as Supercell, Hybrid Graphics, and Linux speak for themselves.

What is the meeting area?

This year we want to offer you an amazing chance to get to know what happens inside the coolest tech companies. At Junction you have the option to take a quick break from your project and talk with the talents behind these growing tech companies from both Finland and elsewhere in our Meeting Area. If you are interested in hearing more, this is for you:

What kind of background does the company representative have?

How does the company operate and what are their future plans?

What kind of technologies are behind the product?

Junction Meeting Tool

Through the Junction Meeting Tool you can book times in our Meeting Area at Junction, which is the hotspot where participants and growing tech companies meet to further discuss opportunities after Junction. Whether you want to learn more about a company of your interest or you’re seeking a new interesting job, this is for you. All participants will receive a separate newsletter containing instructions on how to use Brella.

Here is how it works:

  1. Create a user account for Junction Meeting Area’s Brella and fill out the application form. Both participants and company representatives fill out a form with the same categories of skills and interests, based on which Brella will suggest meetings according to matches.

  2. When Brella forms a match with a company representative based on your skills and interests, both you and they can request and decline meetings. When a meeting is accepted, the tool offers you a place and time slot in the Junction Meeting Area. Each time slot is 20 minutes.

  3. Arrive at the Junction Meeting Area in time for your meeting. A Junction team member will guide you to your table. You may bring along your laptop or something else to show interesting projects you have been working on. Most importantly, bring yourself and a relaxed spirit!

For whom?

The Junction Meeting Tool is meant for all participants and our companies and startups that are looking for talented people from all around the world. This is your chance to find out more about the job possibilities as a developer, designer or business talent both in Finland and elsewhere.

If you’re specifically interested in Finland’s booming tech scene, check out some useful information on how working in Finland for a non-Finn could be conducted regarding practical matters. Check it out, in case you are not familiar with working in Finland.


We’ll be announcing our companies and startups shortly! If your company is interested in joining the Meeting Area, send us an email at!