FAQ | Junction 2016 Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season


When does the application period start?

Applications period was closed midnight 26th October

Will there be travel reimbursements available?

(Update 2.10.2016) We have currently run out of new travel reimbursements. This does not affect participants who have already received confirmation about their reimbursement.
We are organizing bus rides from Oulu, Kajaani, Pietari so far.
Interested in arranging a bus ride from your location? Get in contact with participants@hackjunction.com and get some help with it 🙂

Finland (Outside Helsinki region) 20€
Baltic & Nordics & Russia 50€
Rest of the Europe 75€
Rest of the World 150€

How can I form my team?

If you don’t yet have a team we will also help with matching people up at the beginning of the event. We’re also inviting people to different networking channels to make the team-building easier already before the event. If you have been accepted, you should have an invitation in your email for joining the Facebook group. A slack invite is incoming also!

How do the tracks work? Can I only work on one track?

You can work on multiple tracks at the same time, but it’s best if you could focus on one or two. Tracks are in situated in interconnected rooms: Think of it as a minihackathon within that theme, but the benefits of connecting to a huge pool of participants and activities.

Who can apply?

Anyone is allowed to apply! We want to allow anyone with an idea and some skills to implement it to come.

Will food be served at the event?

Yes. There will be enough food to keep everyone hacking well into the night, thanks to our amazing partners. This takes the form of basic scheduled catering, and on top of that some snacks, microwaveable food and meal-replacements. In our registration form, please state any dietary restrictions so we can take them into consideration when making orders.

Who owns the intellectual property of hacks produced at the event?

All intellectual property produced at the event is owned solely by the participants and their team. Further plans may be discussed between the partners and the teams after the event.

Are there any rules for competing in Junction?

1. No code written before the event.
2. No remote team members.
3. Maximum 5 team members.
4. Follow the MLH Code of Conduct.
5. Participants can only submit their project in one team.

What size can a team be?

Teams can be up to 5 people. If you want to hack alone, that’s totally fine. If you are still looking for a team, don’t worry, we will have team building and pitching sessions at the event. You can apply at any time and join any team at any time. The team question in the application is only to make sure the entire team makes it to the event.

Does it cost to attend?

Of course not. It’s completely FREE to attend!

What about accommodation?

We will have school-level accommodation available in multiple different destinations for a few hundred participants. If you want to make sure you have a room to sleep in, book a room at our partner hotel or hostel. More information this to come.

What can I hack on?

We’ll have Oculus Rifts, HTC Vives, Pebble watches, Arduinos and Estimote Beacons to name a few 🙂 There is also a well equipped hardware lab at the event.
Also check out MLH’s HW Lab. They are bringing stuff like, Oculus Rift, Muse Headbands, Myo Gesture Control etc.

How do I submit a project?

1. Register on Devpost. https://devpost.com
2. Register for Junction 2016 on Devpost Devpost.
3. Submit a draft of your project ASAP.
4. On Devpost by Sunday 10:00 AM: Choose the partner challenges you are competing in, fill in the Track and Table Number of the place you are working at.
5. Finalize your Devpost submission (Descriptions, live demo, video etc.) by Sunday 12:00 AM.

How does the judging work?

All partner prizes are judged completely seperately and by the partners themselves. Deadline for Demo Table and Track is 10:00 AM on Sunday. We will choose 10 finalists, one from each track, to Demo on stage, and be judged by a panel of judges at the closing ceremony of the event. These finalists are competing for the 20 000€ Grand Prize.

If you are participating in a partner challenge, you are also participating for the main prize. To be eligible for prizes, no code can be written before the event and you must be physically present at the hackathon.

We’ll be using a combination of HackMIT’s Gavel and Devpost to ease the judging process.

Each time can compete for maximum 2 tracks and for 5 partner challenges. However, apply only to categories relevant to your project. Teams abusing this feature can be banned from judging.


Who are the people behind this event?

We are Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, a non-profit organization completely run by volunteering students from Aalto University. We are super excited about entrepreneurship and tech events, and run multiple events throughout the year.

What are the criteria for winning the Grand Prize?

Ultilization of multiple technologies
Does it combine multiple existing technologies into something larger than a sum of its parts?
Design and UX
Does the design stand out? Is it user-friendly?
Real World Impact
Could the project be a start for a viable business? Could it create actual change in the world?
Devpost Submission
We want to see what kind of challenges you faced and what kind of learning took place.
Sisu – Finnish word for courage. Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking.