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Ecommerce & Retail

In-store Conversions Supercharged



The retail business is rapidly transforming due to ecommerce and the changing customer behavior, but the store is still the place to create the WOW effect for customers. In home improvement industry, it is essential for our sales personnel to be able to visualize the different product and solution options and to communicate the different combinations, prices, services and the unique selling points to the customers.

We want you to create and design a tool or service for the salesperson (e.g. mobile app or dashboard) or digital experience for the customer (e.g. VR, AR or AI related) to be used in-store to drive in-store sales.

Offering an excellent omni-channel customer journey is a key to an excellent customer experience in retail. It is vital that the solution supports one or a few parts of the customer journey before, during or after the purchase. A possibility to identify the customer’s omni-channel behavior and information gathered from each touchpoint could benefit both the salesperson and the customer to achieve the best result together.

We want to help the retail staff serve the customers even better with new kinds of sales tools and in-store experiences. For example deciding what kind of kitchen you want to have or which power tools are right for you is not always an easy task. Digital tools or experiences should help to find the best solutions for the customer.

During the event you will have access to product and customer data and 3D models through Kesko’s APIs.

Criteria for winning

We are looking for innovative solutions to win in-store sales! The winning criteria are: a fresh approach to retail, ease of use, and boosting in-store conversions.

Contact us for questions and requests through Kesko’s official hackathon support site (pw: keskorocks2016)


– Winner team gets 2000€

– 1st runner-up 1000€

– 2nd runner-up 500€